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2002 brings the 2nd annual Do-It-Yourself (DIY) loudspeaker event to the Southeast region.  This year’s event will not be competitive as it was last year.  The focal point for this year will be peer review of one another’s speakers.  This will be a tremendous asset to DIY builders to gain constructive criticisms of their designs as well as share the designs and ideas of others.


Again my LMS system will be available so you may have frequency response and impedance plots of your designs, another valuable tool for the DIY builder to improve upon and/or document their design.


October seems to be a good time for most people. An exact date and location are TBD for the time being.  My preferences at this point are October 19, or 26, or November 2.  Another thing to consider is to make this into a two-day event to give everyone a chance to hear all the designs.


Last year’s event attracted eight speaker entries and even more show-and-tell speakers that everyone had a chance to listen to.



Speaker Classes


We won’t need speaker classes/divisions since this will be a non-competitive event.  However we may do a “Best of Show” and/or some other “Best Of” categories to reward those who have superior designs.



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